Because It Is Reality Itself, My Divine Avataric Teaching-Revelation and My Divine Avataric Transcendental Spiritual Self-Transmission are usable and Realizable by all beings, and even by every “thing”.

My Teaching-Revelation is actually a process, not merely a verbal Communication.

~ The Aletheon

The Teaching Revelation & Spiritual Wisdom Of Avatar Adi Da
In more than sixty books addressing every aspect of human, Spiritual, and Divine life, Avatar Adi Da created a completely new and revelatory Teaching. You can begin to explore this unique treasure of illumination by following the links below to several of Avatar Adi Da’s books, CDs and DVDs.

Introductory Books

The Avatar of What Is

The Divine Life and Work of His Divine Presence

An Authorized, Brief Biography
The sixty-nine years of Avatar Adi Da s Lifetime in human Form were only the visible sign of His great Divine Process in the human world, a Miraculous and Compassionate Gesture to establish for all beings the potential for Realizing the unmediated Condition of existence. And because He did that Work, the opportunity continues eternally. His Lifetime Story, summarized briefly in this book, is one of the great Means He Gave for everyone to discover and be touched by Who He Is.

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The Knee of Listening

First published in 1972, The Knee of Listening is the spiritual autobiography of the Ruchira Avatar, Adi Da Samraj. Containing simple narrative, ecstatic poetry, complex argument, and discourse, Adi Da’s autobiography reveals the miraculous story of his unique incarnation and revelation in the west for “the sake of liberating all beings.” The revised edition includes an expanded description of Adi Da’s early life leading up to his divine reawakening in 1970, as well as revelations about the spiritual work of the great realizers in his lineage.

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My “Bright” Word

In My “Bright” Word, Avatar Adi Da elucidates the fundamentals of “radical” self-understanding, which principles are the foundation of His Revelation of the Way of Adidam.

My Bright Word is a Gift Avatar Adi Da has Given to all–for the purpose of Divine Liberation for those who choose It. In this book, Avatar Adi Da makes it possible for anyone to read the first formal Instruction Given by the Divine Heart-Master, the Very Incarnation of Truth Itself (or Reality Itself).


Source Texts

The Aletheon

(Eight Volume Edition) – During the final two years of a Lifetime that had been utterly devoted to the Communication of Truth, Avatar Adi Da created His supreme Scripture — a book of oceanic depth and magnitude.

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Practical Life–Wisdom

The Complete Yoga of Human Emotional-Sexual Life

A summary of Avatar Adi Da’s instruction on emotional-sexual matters—including His instruction on transcending negative sex-patterning, emotional immaturity, and all forms of seeking through sex and intimate relationships.


The Yoga of Right Diet

An Intelligent Approach To Dietary Practice That Supports Communion with the Living Divine Reality.

Comprised of summary Instruction on dietary practice and “radical” healing given by His Divine Presence, Adi Da Samraj.


Easy Death

Spiritual Wisdom on the Ultimate Transcending of Death and Everything Else.

Whether you are approaching your own death, facing the death of a loved-one, or are simply wanting to understand the purpose of this brief and mortal life, you need more than mere consolation or philosophy. A most extraordinary and unique help is available to you in the pages of this book.

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Conductivity Healing

Energy-Healing Practices that Support an Intelligent, Harmonious and Flowing Re-Integration of the Physical and Etheric Dimensions of the Human Body

Straightforward and practical guidance on how to understand and practice energy healing. Avatar Adi Da Samraj offers simple practices that support well-being by feeling and breathing and circulating etheric energy in your case and also for others, through forms of healing touch.


On Children & Childrearing

The First Three Stages of Life

Real happiness, for children and adults alike, is a profound matter.

Serving the Right, True, and Free Development of Children and Young People and Completing the Human Work of Individuation, Socialization, and Integration for Adults.

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Booklets: Truth for Real Series

These short publications are perfect for new readers who want to find out about Avatar Adi Da or are interested in a particular aspect of His Wisdom-Teaching.

A Call to Freedom of Choice in Religion and in Sexual Practice

Number Six from the “Truth For Real” Booklet Series

An essay by Avatar Adi Da Samraj on the practice of public tolerance, respect, and love in democratic societies

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Adi Da Samraj Speaks about His Teaching

A Devotee Speaks about Adi Da’s Teaching